Coronavirus COVID-19: Employer's Certificate

Abstract :

At the beginning of 2020 a new coronavirus epidemic spread from China to the rest of the world. This new disease, COVID-19, was first reported in France on 24 January 2020. As of March 17th at noon, outings will only be authorized, with a certificate, to:

  • Go to work, if remote working is not possible;
  • Go to your local grocery store;
  • Go to a medical appointment;
  • Take your children to daycare or to take care of an elderly person;
  • To work out close to your home.
Langue du document : anglais
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Inventaire, liste, annuaire, attestation
Date de publication : 2020-03-25

Contributeur : Services du Premier ministre
Déposé le : mardi 31 mars 2020
Dernière modification le : mardi 31 mars 2020


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Coronavirus COVID-19: Employer's Certificate.
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